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AVERIX started his DJ-career during the second lockdown of COVID. When the world was on hold he started to learn how to DJ by buying a Pioneer controller to exercise at home. He gained his first attention by winning a DJ-contest on national radio (Q-Battles on Qmusic) two months before his DJ debut on June 24th, 2021 in Café 56, Kortrijk. This led quickly to multiple bookings in a short time. Starting from september, 3 months after his debut, AVERIX became resident in Coulissen Ghent, Café 56 in Kortrijk & 2FISH BAR in Torhout. He also got the chance to play B2B with 'AllesKapot' in one of Belgium's finest clubs, Villa Antwerp.

Jeremy Jacobs Starting from that point, AVERIX got his chance to play on bigger events in & around Kortrijk (Rollofeesten, Let Love Rule, Galabal Centaura, Nachtwacht De Panne & many more...).As he is getting more attention in Flanders, AVERIX also wants to pursue his big dream: Breaking through in big clubs and festivals in Belgium and abroad. In the meanwhile he got his first international experience by going abroad to Crete (Greece) & Spain where he spent almost two months in several of the best clubs. During that summer he was a resident DJ at LUX VIP Club in Malia (Crete). From now on AVERIX has multiple residencies around Flanders: Diedjies, Kokorico, Coulissen Ghent & Bruges, Café 56, 2Fish Bar , The Fly & TAM-TAM.

"Why does Averix always wear a bandana?”

-Rematch The Podcast-

"Talented Jeremy (24) started as a DJ at the start of the corona crisis, now his first performance finally beckons: "Music softened relationship fracture”

-Het Laatste Nieuws-

"DJ Averix wins the DJ Q battles and gets to play an hour on Q-music”


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